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Basketball History

2020 basketball game list 2020 basketball game man of the match list Basketball consists of two teams, in which 5 players in the best performance in a team, 5 players in a team who play against each other, 10 feet high, score the ball by putting the ball through 3 .048 meter basketball is the best rules, the team that has more points is the winner. India is the best basketball player India is considered to be number 1 in most basketball when a person puts the ball in the basket, he gets a point, the first time this game was played in 9 players. CA 20 January 1992 was played the best performance Amjyotsing Gil which was currently only half of the National Basketball Association (NBA) court’s shape

basketball rules and terms

1. The basketball team player can only take one court also 5 players turn at dribbling. In other words, once a player has stopped dribbling they cannot start the court where the basketball is played considered a type of courts. if the basketball player wants to play the game immediately then the basketball ceiling should be 7 meters high.


 Basketball court


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basketball match in Mumbai

National Basketball today announced that Sacramento and Indiana King will play two games in 2019 Mumbai India and America will be the first to play this match in the League India Games 2019 NSCI. The game of Mumbai best perform in a team upcoming will be shown live in India and will be shown in the world through social me

best Indian basketball player

1. Satnam Sing was born on December 10 in 1995 in Canada, is an international basketball player. He played IMG academy high school basketball in Florida and in 2019 he played in the FIBE Bishwa Cup in India with many important players.

amjyotsing gil was born ,he was born 27 jaunary 1992, is a considered indian player. he has perviously played the national basketball NBDL basketball league of delhi . amjotsinglig got the first bharti to go abroad and sing a contract on basketball amjyotsing represented the 2015 FBI asia champion india in china. in 2016 he starred in the FBIFaveraging 12.8 points,8.3 rebounds and 2.4 blocks and led the tournament.

prashanti Sing is a famous player of our India, who was born on 5 May 1984 in Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh.Prashanthi made her career in basketball in 2002 and for some time she became the captain in women’s basketball. Prashanti was awarded the gold medal in South Asian by going to Srilka in 2011. Prashanti is a known player in India who comes in number 4 in basketball. He got 23 National Champions in India

prashanthhorn made a lot of efforts in her life and has fulfilled her dream and believes in her dream

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