Since 1992  has been playing and badminton player Olympic with five types of events: man ‘s and women’s singles’ men ‘s and women’s doubles, with each pair consisting of a man and women. at a high level of the game, the sport badminton match today demands excellent fiscal fitness players require aerobic capacity efficiency pawer speed and fitness it is also a technical game which requires good operational coordination and development sophisticated racket gambits badminton is a racquet sport played face -to- face in a rectangular court divided from the net by two opposing players (singles)  or two opposing pairs (doubles) the player will hit the shuttlecock from his racket on the court of his opposing side. get point by dropping badminton news it in half. a rally ends when the shuttlecock falls onto the ground.  badminton game PV Sindhu badminton  each side can strike the shuttlecock only once before crossing it

Rules for court 

<Batminton the court with should be a rectangle marked out with lines 40mm wide.

<the line market out the courts should be easily distinguishable and preferably be colored with or yellow.

<the post shall be 1.55 m n  hight from the surface of the court

< the net shall be made of the fine court of dark color and of even thickness with a mass of size between 15 mm and 20 mm.

<the net shall be 760 mm in depth and the last 6.1 wide.

<the top of the net shall be edged with a 75 white tape doubled over a card of cable running through the tape

<the top of the net form the surface of the court shall be 1.524 m at the center of the court and 1.55 m over sidelines for doubles.

<Also a suttle sold to be of current speed that is it should be of correct speed be it should not land less than 530 mm

and not more than 990 mm short of the other back boundary line.


 has its  Indian team origins have ancient  Rules civilization in news Sindhu Europe and Asia. the ancient international game is the history best known as battledore(bat or paddle) and shuttlecock probably originated more than the 2000 year ago in 1600s battledore shuttlecock was an upper-class past time in England many on the europian countries


 PV Sindhu knocked out of Indonesia master in the second round sports news today  PV Sindhu suffered a 21-16 16 -21 19 -21 lost to japan,s Sayaka Takahashi to crash out of Indonesia today international game master PV Sindhu advance to the next round while Shaina Nehwal and Kidambi Srikanth crash out in the first round of master on Wednesday PV Sindhu the second round women are single india is the Indonesia master come to an end







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