Football Enteresting Game

Football Introduction 

upcoming international football matches Football is over fitness player team international sport in our country, in which there are different teams and we have to kick in to play football. It is considered as a code in America, Kannada, with anyone team football played Australia, Annay Deso. It has been the best to perform historicized in many places in the world. 19th century By the best game the time the codes are already developing, England Football was established in 1888. In the 20th century, many types of football were seen which became some popular sports We know football by a different name, which is known as soccer, which we call a spherical ball which is played between two teams and consists of 11 players. A game played between slides is considered to be in its world. The game is that players spin with their hands with the ball or body.

upcoming international football matches

Football History

upcoming international football matches As we know that a long time ago when England first started playing football in 1863, scientists described football as the initial form, it was played around 600 AD in the Japanese imperial court of Kyoto. In Camry, many people are standing in a circle trying not to let the football fall down as they play each other like Shaki and Uppi Romeo is known as playing the game many times. The teams were playing with parallel lines before encountering an enemy kicking the football through a second line.

upcoming international football matches

Football or cricket comparison


By playing football, our body fitness and health are right. Goals pass, shots, skills are very important which the player makes fashionable.

Football passes

To get a goal a player attacks another player. Soft-touch is included to pass the ball. Marge is of two types.

The player delivers the player from ground to player through ground or air.
 When close, a player gives a ball to another player. 
 This is the trick used by the drivers to hobby the game.
In this, the players are ready to achieve their goal
goal The most important thing in football is that football decides the winner of the match
Both teams are excellent, the importance of both is never compare
Cricket There are 11 players in a cricket team, two teams play matches together.
.Cricket is a game played in every country, which is famous all over the world.
When the batsman is batting, we always keep the ball on foot and we need the strength of fitness
 so that we are ready to catch the ball.
upcoming international football matches

The batsman wants to score a good score in the match, by which he is known as a great batsman who is able to earn
the name, the bowler is dismissed with his ball, the fielder always gets the batsman out by fielding.
To dismiss the batsman, the bowler always shows the art of his hands, so he throws the batsman at 140 speed of bowling and dismisses the batsman.
the upcoming international football matches

 1.Monday 20th January  Iceland F T   Salvador

2.thersadey 16 January  Iceland FT Salvador   

3.sautard 11 January  Iceland F T Canada

4.Saturday 11 January Barbados FT Canada

5.wednesday 8 January   Barbados FT Canada

can a football player

Born 12 January 1994 is a German man who plays as a midfielder for the Serie Club Germany National Team as a flower benk of center benk



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