ICC international cricket ICC t-20 men,s world cup 2020 is scheduled to be the seventh ICC men,s world cup t-20 world cup 2020tournament with a match to be held in Australia from 18 October to 15 Novem 2020ber the final will be held at the Melbourne cricket ground.

1. 24 October 2020 India vs South Africa 2. 26 October 2020 Afghanistan vs A2 3.26 October 2020 England vs B1 4. 28 October 2020 Afghanistan vs B1 5. 29 October 2020 India vs A2 6.30 October 2020 England vs South Africa 7. 1. November 2020 Afghanistan vs South Africa 8 . 1 November 2020 England vs India 9. t-20 world cup 20202 November 2020 A2 vs B1 10. 4 November 2020 Afghanistan vs England 11. 5 November 2020 India vs B1 12. 7.November 2020 England vs A2 13.8 November 2020 South Africa vs B1 8. Afghanistan vs Indi




t-20 world cup t-20 world 2020  has come out. According to the ICC, some team is yet to qualify for it  Australia will host the t-20 world cup  one the other hand Srilanka and team have failed qualify directory due. to low ranking due to which these two Asian teams  will we have to win the group stage to make it to the super the team that has got the opportunity to directly qualify for the this-20 world cup to include hosts Australia, Pakistan, England New Zealand, South Africa  west indies, Afghanistan   for your information let the host dietary qualify in and world cup while the rest of the team participate in the world cup west the    ranking and winning qualifier

According to the recently released schedule of the men, t-20 world, 2020 by the International cricket council    this world cups will starts in Australia October from 18 witches will last about a month t-20 world cup final will be played at the Melbourne cricket ground(MCG) on 15 November. at some time India  will we play there opening in this world cup against South Africa and on 24 October  fist at the same time  India will play   there opening  match  in this  world   cup against South Africa  24 October  t20 world cup  semifinal  11 November  2020 fist semifinal  Sanday cricket ground  12 November 2020  fist semifinal  Adelaide t-20 world final 2020  15 November  2020 final (Melbourne cricket ground )   

is a shortened formed of the cricket board (ECB) in 2003  for the inter competition a 20 game the two team have a single inning each which is restricted to a maximum 20 overs together with first-class and List A cricket twenty  20 is one of the  three current forms of  cricket  international  or domestic a level typical twenty 20  game is completed  in about  three hours with each  innings lasting around 90 minutes and  official 10 minutes  break  between the innings this  match  sorter than the previous  form of the game  and is closer  to the team span of other papular team sports  it was introduced  to create a fast-paced  game  that world we   attractive to Spectator at the ground  and viewers on television


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