Tennis history and rules

Tennis is a special sport played in the entire world, which is being compared by everyone today tennis is played between two players tennis is not played when a player plays, without the need for a rake and a ball. While playing tennis, a net is formed in the middle of the field and its height should be 3 feet 4 inches.

Tennis player of India

Sania Mirza was born on 15 November 1979, she is 33 years old and her height is 5’4 “professional Indian player 13 April 2015 the number 1

Vijay Amritraj was born on December 14, 1953, Vijay Amritraj was a former tennis player and had a good knowledge of sports.
And he was considered as an actor, Vijay was born in Chennai.
He did his studies from Don Basco and graduated in Madras Collage.

Mahesh Bhupathi was born on 6 June 1979, who hailed from Chennai, is known as an Indian professional tennis player. He won the first mixed tournament in Australia in the year 1979, winning the mixed doubles in Australia, along with it in the 4 players category. Made carriers in it

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