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Volleyball6 players on the flor at any on time volleyball is a sports player all over India, both in rural as well as urban India it is a papular recreation sport.india was ranked 5th in Asia and 27 in the world in 2013. doing will in the youth companionship currently, a major problem for the sports in the lack of sponsors the volleyball Indian senior mans’ team is a currently ranked 131st in the world

eyeball rules a league name has been started in India volleyball game rules for volleyball with six teams participating for a round-robin format at to different venues Chennai and Kochi it is colled pro volleyball league the team come from Chennai Hyderabad, Mumbai Ahamadabad Calicut, and Kochi volleyball

Volleyball played by two maximum of 3 hits per side usually of six players on side, in which the players use their hand to bat a ball back and forth over a high ‘net trying to make the ball touch the court within the opponents ‘playing area before it can be returned to prevent to this a player on the Volleyballopposing bat the player may not hit the ball twice in succession up and tow


ard a teammate, before it touches the court surface that teammate may then volley it we across the net or bat it to the third teammate who valleys it across the net. a team is a volleyball only three 6 players on the flor touches of the ball before must we returned over the net.

  1. History

Volleyball was inverted in 1895 in William G. Margan physical director of the young men’s Christian association

(YMCA) in Holyoke Massacsuhusttey. it was designed as indoor sports volleyball businessman how found the new game of Basketball to vigorous morgan colled the sports Volleyball net size mignonette, until a professor from Springfield college in Massacsuhusttey, not the volleying nature of play and proposed the name of the original rules written by morgan and printed in the first edition of the of ball may be played off a volleyball and Servi the net during official handbook of the athletic league olf the young men’s Christian association of north America 1897 the game soon proved to have wide appeal for both sexes in school playground the armed force other organization in the united state in the and it was subsequently introduced to other countries.

volleyball court is 9 x 18m (29.5ft x 59. 1ft) divided into equal square halves  a net with a width on of meter (39.4 in) the top of the net is 2.43m(7 ft 11/16 in ) above the center of the courts for main ‘s and competition and 2.24 m (7ft 4  3/16in) for women’s competition varied for winter and junior competition the minimum height clearance for indoor volleyball court is 7 m (23.0 ft) although a clearance of 8 m (26.2ft) is recommended volleyball live score a line 3 m(9.8ft) from a parallel to the net is considered the “attack line”3 meters (or 10-foot) line devoid the court into  back row  and front row areas (also backcourt and frontcourt) this are intern into 3 areas each these are numbered are followed starting from areas which in the position of the serving player  set


Volleyballwhere the ball touches the inside part of the joined  forearms or platform at the waistline and another hand pass where it is handled with the fingertips like a set above the head either is acceptable in professional in beach  however there are many tithers regulation on the overhand pass in beach  the back row skill of the pashing inv


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